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Professional Graphic Artist And Web Developer. Specializing In Surf, Action Sports, And Auto Industry Trends With Over 17+ Years Of Corporate In-House Experience Including A Bachelor's Degree In Multi-Media. Later Accompanied By An Associate's Degree In Information Technology, NSA.


A Little Bit About My Personal Background:

  • Full Name: Melissa Dawn Thayer Thiede : MDT
  • Birth Date: August 21, 1979, On A Tuesday At Noon
  • My Main Career: Accomplished Graphic Artist & Web Developer
  • Websites: |
  • Email:


Professional Graphic Design Services, As Well As Custom Web Design, Branding, And Development Services. Having Gained Over 17+ Years Experience With Corporate In-House Design And Programming Knowledge Will Ensure Customer Satisfaction And Security. Providing You And Your Company With Fast, Reliable, And Efficient Graphic Design Services, Taking A Result Driven Approach To Every Project.

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Custom packaging, t-shirt graphics, websites and web-updates, logos for a company and/or product line, with much more available to you, all within the reach of a simple email regarding your project inquiry.

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