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My name’s Melissa. I’m 38 years young. A mysterious, quiet, and private gal, born on a Tuesday, during lunchtime, August 21, 1979, in Oceanside, CA. I created this blog Mid-November of 2017, and this is my little spot on the internet, amongst a few other websites I own and operate. I live in the United States, but travel afar. I get to do a lot of traveling through the work I do for a living, and very much appreciate the company’s who bring me to…amazing places, with smiling faces.

I’m an established graphic artist, web developer, I.T. and cyber security specialist, with professional corporate in-house experience, and a formal education in the field(s) I’m in. So, if you’re a small, medium, or large business in need of the services I provide, visit my business site KICROCS.COM, and contact me for details.

What’s Inside This Blog:

This blog is fueled by generous amounts of Sade, WWE, Puma, jewelry, computer geek stuff, coding, graphic design, and gift gourmet goodie bundles, from places like Dancing Deer, and Mrs. Fields, stuff like that. I started this blog to discuss such things, and maybe a couple other little random thoughts.

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The posts I write are mostly about products and product design. Everything I show is something I have, had, use, or used before, are products I trust, and are products I’m attracted to. I’m really into product development: products, products, products…whether it’s shoes, a watch, clothing design (the way it fits), as well at the pattern, phones, jewelry, anything manufactured by design, I’m obsessed with products, and what they can do for us in our world. And, obsessed with manufacturing.

A lot of the companies I’ve worked at are manufacturers of their own product. I’ve designed, at work, as a designer, something as simple as a pattern for body board grip, then see it get made in the back, a pattern I designed…manufactured onto a product for grip texture. I really love what I’ve gotten to do at the places I worked at; grateful to experience such opportunities.

Also, I draw, paint, and am a fine arts artist as well, and that’s what began my graphic design career. I attended a few different colleges, and am in 2 different types of fields. Multi-Media Design, And Information Technology. I’m well-rounded in the multi-media field, and am a graphic design veteran of 17+ years. I don’t claim to be the best artist or anything like that, but…it’s what I do for a living, and I really enjoy what I get to do, and the company’s I get to work at.

Below are a few of my honors and awards
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In addition, I’m a lover of animals and nature. I have a beautiful small toy Yorkie dog, it’s a boy, and his name is Wicket, from the Ewoks on Star Wars; named after the main Ewok.

He’s a lover, very affectionate, requires a lot of attention, and is not allowed to be left alone. He’s such a sweet spirit. It’s a privilege to be around him. He was born in January of 2015, love him very much.

When Wicket was a baby: